Meet Our Madrid Charity Partner - Hogar Sí

We are proud to announce our charity partnership with Hogar Sí! Hogar Sí is a non-profit organization that works to provide housing, employment and access to healthcare for homeless people within Madrid and Spain.

Since Hogar Sí was first founded in Madrid in 1998, their organization has been working continuously to help end homelessness in Spain and beyond. The crux of their mission is simple- to ensure that no person has to live on the street. With 400,000+ people living on the streets in Europe and over 100 million people homeless worldwide, it is easy to see why Hogar Sí is so passionate about helping homeless and at risk peoples. Hogar Sí and its volunteers work to secure housing and health care for the homeless and also operate employment programs so that homeless individuals can work towards financial independence. A lot of their work also focuses on aiding homeless youths and educating the community about the realities and dangers of hate crimes towards homeless people.

In addition to improving Madrid’s homelessness crisis, Hogar Sí is involved with a number of global initiatives and groups that are employing measures to eradicate homelessness. Their motto of “Think Global, Act Local” is at the forefront of their work and we feel so honoured to donate to their cause and help them continue their work.

We are pledging to donate 5% of all sales of our current and future Madrid themed prints to Hogar Sí. We are excited to begin this new relationship and plan to continue collaborating with charities based in the communities that our artists depict. You can learn more about Hogar Sí at their website here and shop our current selection of Madrid prints here

Hogar Sí Charity Logo