The Making Process of Our Prints

All of our prints are printed in-house by our trained staff using giclée printing methods. We use archival quality ink and 240 GSM paper to ensure that each of our fine art prints are high quality and guaranteed to not fade for 100 years! By handling the printing processes ourselves, we are able to oversee all facets of your order, from when you click that “Add to Cart” button to when we post out your print, giving you peace of mind about the status of your order.

What do you mean when you say your prints come with a separate signed sticker certificate?

We mean that each print you buy will come with one of these bad boys, on which we will fill out the information and get the artist to sign it. A3 prints are not limited edition so for “edition” we write “unlimited” rather than an edition number e.g. 5/150. You might be wondering why our artists don’t sign directly on the prints; the main reasons for this is logistics and our ambition. See, we want to be able to commission work from artists anywhere in the world and hope to one day have dozens and dozens of artists, so it just wouldn’t be possible for them to sign every one of their prints and it would mean longer delays in us shipping you your orders. With the stickers, we are able to send out a bunch of them to our artists, who then sign them, post them back to us and voilà, they are ready to be sent out to our lovely customers!


The beauty of our certificate stickers is that you have proof that you have bought a signed unlimited or limited edition print and a neat sticker that you can affix to the back of a frame.

What are A3, A2 and A1 sizes?

The terms A3, A2 and A1 refer to different sizes in the A series, a standardised European based
paper sizing system.
A3 size= 297 mm x 420 mm/ 11.7 x 16.5 inches
A2 size= 420 mm x 594 mm/ 16.5 x 23.4 inches
A1 size= 594 mm x 841 mm/ 23.4 x 33.1 inches

Where do you ship?

Although we are based in Dublin, Ireland, we are able to ship our prints anywhere in the world.

The cost of standard shipping without a tracking code is a flat rate of €4.80 for anywhere within Ireland, registered post is €8.40.

The cost of standard shipping without a tracking code is a flat rate of €6.50 for anywhere within UK, registered tracked post is €15.

The cost of standard shipping without a tracking code is a flat rate of €7 for anywhere within Europe, registered tracked post is €15.

The cost of standard shipping without a tracking code is a flat rate of €8.50 for anywhere within USA, registered tracked post is €16

The cost of standard shipping without a tracking code is a flat rate of €8.50 for anywhere within The Rest of the World, registered tracked post is €16

This means, you can buy 1 or 20 prints and you will still pay the same shipping rate just the one time. 

How long until my print(s) arrives?

Ah, the age old question. Followed with the eternally vague answer- it depends. We will do our best to ensure that your order is posted within 2-4 days of you placing your order. Once we have sent out your item(s) the shipping time will be reliant on the post offices, but as a general rule, it takes around the following business days for items to reach their final destination.
Ireland- 1-3 business days
United Kingdom- 3-5 business days
Other European Countries- 3-7 business days
North America- 6-10 business days
South America/Africa/Asia- 8-12 business days
Asia/Australia/New Zealand/Pacifica- 10-14 business days

Please note that during peak postage times such as the Christmas season the above timelines may be longer. Should there be a reason for a delay with us shipping your item we will contact you for next steps.
If you need something sent urgently or have a question about shipping times to a specific region, please email us at infocrosstownprints@gmail.com

Help! My order still hasn’t arrived/I made an error in my order/there is an issue with my order, what should I do?

If you have any issues with your order that have not been addressed on this page please feel free to email us at infocrosstownprints@gmail.com and we will aim to respond within 24 hours. Thanks!

Do you do any discounts if I buy multiple prints?

The bad news is, no we don’t unfortunately. But the reason for this is a good one! We do not offer discounts as the money would come out of the artists’ commissions or the sales percentage we donate to charity. We believe that our artists deserve their full pay for every piece sold and we want Crosstown Prints to be a consistent and fair source of income for our self-employed artists. In this way, we ensure that with every purchase you make, your money is going directly to supporting a local small business (us), independent artists and the charities we have partnered with.

I am an artist and I am interested in selling my work with Crosstown Prints, what should I do? 

We’re delighted that you have an interest in what we do and we would love to hear from you! If you are interested in designing prints for one of our current or future cities, please email us at newartist.crosstownprints@gmail.com with some of your samples and a little about yourself. We will do our best to respond to all inquiries as soon as we can, but please note that due to the nature of our company’s focus and size, we will only be able to work with a limited number of new artists and there may be a bit of a wait until we have future openings on our artist roster.

Why are you called Crosstown Prints?

Good question! While the idea for this website and company was years in the making, our name was one of the last things we decided on. We’d like to tell you that it was some clever inside joke or crazy story that sparked the name of our company, but to tell you the truth, the reason is far less glamorous. Our founders (and brothers) Mark and John spent weeks back and forth tossing out ideas and shooting each other’s suggestions down before finally choosing our name. We ultimately settled on Crosstown Prints just to prevent Mark and John from killing each other out of sheer frustration. But, while our name Crosstown Prints was born out of a necessity to pick any name that conveyed our focus on city-inspired prints that neither of the brothers hated, we have to say, we love the name now. It always reminds us of the countless coffee chats, rainy day strategy sessions and brotherly arguments that we had in our studio space on Meath Street, Dublin, where this new adventure first began.