Fuchsia Macaree

Fuchsia Macaree is an illustrator from Ireland's picturesque west, but is now a city dweller through and through. After completing a BA in Visual Communications in National College of Art and Design in Dublin, and an Illustration MA in London, she has made Dublin her home, becoming one of the most sought after names in Irish illustration. Regularly heading graphic design campaigns from global clients such as Google, Facebook, Guinness and Mercedes Benz, Fuchsia creates memorable images, jumping straight into a moment with witty observations.

Her style features strong, solid colours, robust shapes, and direct, relatable content. Though figures in Fuchsia's pictures are rendered in uncomplicated terms, her blocks of colour melt at the moment of observation, dripping with human sensibilities. They feel true in a straightforward way. 

Having lived in New York, Fuchsia draws on the memories of late afternoons in Bryant park for her Crosstown design. Soaking up the sunlight, away from the chill shadows of the skyscrapers, her park goers are each engaged in individual pleasures. She carefully draws each person in a sympathetic posture, so human and understandable. Her illustration suggests the duality of New Yorkers, interested both in building communities and in enjoying the solitude afforded by the big city. An ordinary moment in Fuchsia's busy park shows us so much activity and passivity simultaneously, her people sitting for a moment to enjoy the breeze before the city draws them back into its labyrinth.