Izzie Creates

Izzie is a British artist and designer, intensely influenced by the patterns of nature. Growing up in the rugged north of England, she has studied in a range of artistic disciplines, including fine art and woodwork, before graduating as a graphic designer from Goldsmiths University in London. Themes of growth and renewal dominate her work, using the natural cycles of plants and flowers to express the perpetual changes felt in everyday life. The potential of each person is mirrored in the budding flower, turning imperceptibly towards the light. Her work often features a background of muted darker foliage, punctuated with flowers, each one splendid and rarified. Playful optimism runs through her pieces.
Now a city dweller, Izzie looks for the green spaces wherever she goes. Gardens, parks and window boxes provide a meditative focus for her, knowing that the blossoms have been tended and encouraged by a fellow urbanite looking for a slice of paradise in the city. A close look at the plants in Izzie's work reveal worlds of intricate lines, lavish details in each leaf, reminding us of streets, maps and mysterious hedge mazes.  Her New York pieces are all about the pursuit of adventure, she focuses on hidden depths of Central Park, the riot of colour and light in Chinatown. Approaching the city from a botanical perspective gives us cover, we can shelter within, then push back the vegetation and step into New York's vibrant streets.