Owen Gent

Owen Gent is a freelance artist and illustrator based in Bristol, England. His surreal and graphic style is influenced by poetry, music and literature, lending itself well to the artwork he has produced for such prestigious clients as Penguin Random House, The New Yorker, The Economist, BBC, Amnesty International  and The New York Times. Using a blend of traditional and digital techniques, Owen creates high impact, editorial illustrations with a philosophical edge. His images are suffused with a glowing light, often set to burning umber sky or burnished silver interior space. Each surface feels softly textured with pastel crayons and washes of watercolour. Figures are rendered in abstract shapes, and appear isolated and pensive. There is so much unspoken emotion in Owen's work, his images are packed with suggestion, but the viewer is given the space to feel out the ideas and draw their own conclusions. Despite their quiet bearing, each of Owen's dreamy figures are dynamic also, and engaged with their environment. Out in the elements, they turn to face the light as they journey up snowy hills, survey splendid cliff views, and watch the movement of the stars. In his piece for Crosstown, The Bear and the Strawberry Tree, Owen depicts the work of sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafe. His beautiful bronze statue stands in the city of Madrid, representing the coat of arms of the city.