Petita Lechatrose

Petita Lechatrose is a multidisciplinary artist from a small village in Mallorca, Spain. She has always be happiest when sketching and working creatively. A graduate of fashion design, Petita is very interested in diverse textures and her work is packed with engaging patterns and shapes. Creating her work using many different methods, she is as comfortable with pastels and chalks as she is with digital painting on her iPad.  
London city has a special place in Petita's heart, and she hopes to translate the inspiration she finds in there onto the page when she creates her city pieces. Using soft pastels, and dreamy overlapping textures, her pieces speaks of the carefree, cool graffiti found dancing over grey walls in every city with a burgeoning street art scene. Seeing the streets as her own personal urban jungle, she imagines stars, wild animals and a snarl of exotic plants behind every corner. Her streets splash loudly into our lives, refusing to sit quietly and flashing glimpses of other untamed avenues just below the surface.