Sketchy Inc

Sketchy Inc is an Irish artist, working from his studio by the banks of Dublin's Royal canal. He holds a Masters in design and has been busily working in creative industries for many years. Artworks by Sketchy are instantly recognisable, edifices of familiar buildings seen through a hallucinogenic lens, features picked out in vivid pops of neon. Sketchy has documented the characterful faces of Dublin's Georgian architecture, looking on them with fresh eyes, showing us dappled stone and terracotta brickwork embellished with graffiti tags and augmented colour schemes.
His chosen scene for our New York series places the New York Public Library in the fore. An impressive, late 19th century building, the library resides on 5th Avenue, providing the citizens with unending educational resources and a sanctuary for the city's bookworms. In Sketchy's image the library is bathed in evening twilight, the library's cool front is punctuated with panels of yellow light, lit internally. He takes care to document the decorative stone masonry ,the statues, cornices and pillars that comprise the notable front, knowing that these details are sketched in the hearts of locals. Behind the historic library, soar glass and steel skyscrapers, structures which sit comfortably next to the city's elders. A giant moon, textured with ancient craters crowns the library, a regular motif in Sketchy's work. The foreground presents us with a phrase espousing the virtues of this educational facility, in a bold typeface, lest we forget the significance of this beautiful place.