Jessica Fimbel Willis

Jessica Fimbel Willis is an exciting graphic artist based in Worcester, MA. Graduating with a BFA in graphic design from Keene State College, she specialises in playful illustrations which are often combined with lettering. Dynamic, and with an emphasis on linework, Jessica's images are optimistic and eye catching as she carefully transcribes a witty phrase and packs it in with charming illustrations.Her interest in line drawing is clear to see in the shopfronts and buildings Jessica chooses. Illustrating all of her favourite restaurants, bookshops and breweries, she picks out the familiar details of the building and creates an instantly recognisable image that strikes at the hearts and appetites of its customers. Having moved to NYC right after college, she remembers the places where she felt a sense of community, places that fulfilled a need or hunger. The Strand bookstore provides literary nourishment for those lucky enough to be in the neighbourhood with room for another book in their bag. Her piece on 'NYC Food' informs us where to find nourishment of a more substantial kind, the illustration itself an intricate combination of enthusiastic reviews and memories of each bite.