About Us

Crosstown prints started with an appreciation for the dynamic charm of an average street. Cities belong to their residents, and those with an artistic inclination can react to their environments, drawing on the sights and flavours around them, and providing a visual translation of that experience.

Dublin City is a magnet for artists, with internationally celebrated art institutions, lively graffiti, and ever evolving street art scene. In 2011, brothers John and Mark Haybyrne, founded Jam Art Factory in the heart of this grand old town.

This boutique gallery focuses on the work of vibrant designers from all over Ireland, and has become the epicentre of contemporary Irish illustration. Working with some of the country's top illustrators and designers over the last ten years has given the brothers a thirst for exploration.

It was clear that the best loved images at Jam Art Factory were ones that echoed Dublin's heartbeat. Give us the places that are etched with laughter lines and heartstopping drama. Places that mean something to the local people, because that particular shopfront, these stone bridges and concrete slabs provided a backdrop to their lives. 

The grand structures that grab the attention of glossy city guides have been captured over and over, and have become a visual shorthand defining their cities. Crosstown prints aims to look below the surface to find that crooked doorway that you've longed to look behind, that kebab shop you found yourself in at 6am after a wild night out, or that corner shop that sold the best ice cream.

We want to connect with the city through the eyes of its people, and each Crosstown print is a collaboration between an artist and a place that has meant everything to them. 

Together we can make a difference

A portion of each print sold will be donated to one of the city's specially chosen charities. .

Thanks for shopping with us.

John, Mark and the Crosstown team.