Meet the Artist - Sketchy Inc.

Our ongoing "Meet the Artist" series lets you learn more about your favourite illustrators working with Crosstown Prints. Our fun Q&As let the artists talk more about their artistic process and interests in their own words.

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We were delighted to have a chat with established Dublin-based illustrator and long-time friend of the Crosstown Crew, Sketchy Inc. We first got to know Sketchy Inc. through selling his prints through our sister company and Irish design shop, Jam Art Factory. When we started Crosstown Prints, we knew that we wanted Sketchy’s unique style amongst the prints that we sell. We are thrilled with the “New York Public Library” print that he's created for us thus far and look forward to featuring more of his designs in the future! 

Where Are You Based?

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland and I work full time from my home studio creating prints and paintings. 

What Inspires You? 

I get inspiration from lots of different places. I always find walking around the city with my camera a good source of inspiration. Recently during the various Covid-19 related lockdowns I have been inspired by nature. Even just spending time in my garden watching how things change day to day.

New York Public Library Print by Sketchy Inc

What impact do you hope your artwork has on people?

I would like my work  to have a positive impact on people. I always hope that it will bring people joy and maybe make them think about their environment a little more. Whether that is looking at the beauty of buildings in a city, or just remembering good times with friends. I try to find a positive way to send a message. I think that we can celebrate things and still make the word better. Small changes in the right direction everyday by an individual can make all the difference. I always try to send out a positive message about recycling and taking care of our planet and ourselves through my social media which in a way I see as an extension of my art work. 

If you weren't an artist what would you like to do? 

If I wasn't an artist I would like to be David Attenborough!
But really, I would like to work with the environment in some capacity, maybe as a gardener or organic farmer. I would love to give something back to the planet to leave it a little better after me. 

When you hear ‘new york’ what comes to mind?

There’s a noise and buzz about New York that’s completely unique. The mix of cultures, from museums to street art, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular locations for artists to live and work in. 


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